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"Cindy Latin strikes that perfect balance between an elegant soul singer and hardened street lady, similarly as another gal people may know of named Alicia Keys. “In a Year From Now” drips with honest curiosity about the future, and easily creates a narrative that we can all relate to, Cindy Latin channels the message well. - Rene Cobar "The Deli Magazine" 

"...singer/songwriter Cindy Latin, has prepared her unique artistry in some of the most decorated music institutions. From the Boston Conservatory’s musical theatrical program to the Berklee College of Music, the New York native celebrates her musical genius, whether jazz, soul, pop or Broadway. " - JaSupreme, "The Urban Music Scene"

So good to see the hard-working—and ever-soulful—Cindy Latin continuing to churn out velvety jazz singles dripping with the vulnerability-strength duality she balances so well. “5 More Minutes” is an honest confession of love, an ode to the simple pleasures that are best shared with a special someone. Latin’s rich blend of sonorous brass instrumentation, soft electric guitar riffs, and, of course, her ever-enchanting vocals is the perfect sonic brew for those mornings foggy with melancholic memories and bright hopes. Taking the best elements of late ‘90s R&B and modern alt-soul, Latin scores again.  - Rene Cobar "The Deli Magazine" 


"Her latest song ‘Get Gone’ demonstrates her mature writing style....The song’s melody is jazzy with soul undertones, and Latin’s phrasing is playful and spiky." - "The House That Built Soul"

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